Emotional Freedom Techniques
Accredited EFT Practitioner Certification Training, offered both in-person and online throughout the year.

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You will learn the full set of EFT skills in this combined Foundation and Practitioner Level Training.

Level 1 is an introduction to EFT, in which you learn foundational knowledge and skills. Whether your intention is to help yourself or to become a certified EFT practitioner, Level 1 is the first step and an essential part of the course. This level is designed to help students use basic EFT competently in a non-professional capacity.

Level 2 provides you with a robust foundation in EFT, enriched by immersive practice sessions that refine your skillset. This level includes all the techniques within the EFT toolbox. You’ll not only learn them but also comprehend when and how to apply each technique effectively. Equipping you to handle a wide range of issues is a key aspect of Level 2. From managing daily irritations and dispelling negative thoughts and feelings to tackling phobias, cravings, and uncovering limiting core beliefs, this course empowers you to address diverse challenges. The Level 2 curriculum extends to working with more intricate issues; you will gain proficiency in a trauma-informed approach, guiding clients gently through traumatic experiences and working with physical pain.

Experiential learning includes live demonstrations with students as well as hands-on practice working in pairs or groups of three.

There will be a maximum of 8 participants, to ensure you receive personal attention and maximum benefit from useful hands-on experience.

As an integrative psychotherapist, my focus for this EFT Training is on emotions and their impact on overall emotional well-being. Discover the pivotal role that emotions play in the realm of health, serving as the vital bridge connecting mental and physical health.

We explore mind and body integration, directing our attention towards physiological responses in the body.

Develop the capacity to make connections between thoughts, feelings, symptoms, beliefs and what gets in the way of us being our best selves.

Join me in this exploration of emotional health through the framework of EFT, as we uncover the transformative power that lies within comprehending and harnessing the dynamics of our emotions.

Note: This perspective reflects my approach as of the present moment and may evolve with continued exploration and learning.

In-person Training, Hong Kong

Dates TBC for 2024.

3 full days: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Venue: Central, Hong Kong

Fee: HKD 5,400
All training materials are included in the price.

EFT Training in Hong Kong with Falguni Mather

ONLINE Training on Zoom.
Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, South East Asia, Japan, India, Dubai

Dates for 2024:

Tuesdays & Saturdays: 16th January – 6th Feb (7 classes).

2:30 – 6:30 pm Hong Kong Time (GMT +8)

Click here to find it in your time zone.

Fee: HKD 5,400
All training materials are included in the price.

EFT Training Online Asia with Falguni Mather
  • The History and Development of EFT
  • Tapping Points: the standard protocol and additional points
  • The Original Basic Recipe with the 9-Gamut
  • EFT and Emotional Health
  • Demystifying emotions
  • Demystifying Acceptance
  • Compassionate Approach
  • Building Rapport with clients
  • Establishing Safety with clients
  • Confidentiality, Boundaries and Ethics
  • Global and Specific with EFT
  • Understanding Aspects + Using Mind Maps for Aspects
  • Cognitive Shifts
  • The Generalisation Effect
  • The Apex Effect
  • The Mind Body Connection
  • EFT for Pain + The 3 Step Protocol
  • EFT with Physical Issues
  • EFT for Cravings
  • The Palace of Possibilities and The Writing on Our Walls
  • Limiting Beliefs and Core Beliefs
  • A Framework for using EFT effectively
  • Working with Abreactions
  • The Gentle Techniques
  • The MT/TTS Technique
  • The Container Technique
  • Psychological Reversal + Themes
  • The Experience of Trauma and Trauma Responses
  • Neuroscience and EFT + Theoretical Perspectives
  • The Role of the Nervous System in EFT
  • Role of the Positive in EFT
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • Building Bridges
  • Energy rebalancing
  • EFT for self-care: The Personal Peace Procedure
  • An Introduction to EFT with Children, Animals, with Groups and Surrogate EFT

EFT is an assistive approach that is accessible to anyone. Individuals from all walks of life can benefit from learning EFT, including:

  • Psychotherapists, counsellors and all mental health professionals
  • Yoga teachers and practitioners
  • Health coaches, Life coaches, business coaches
  • Athletes, sports professionals, sports coaches
  • Medical professionals, including GPs, dentists, nurses
  • Academic professionals, teachers and educators
  • Bodyworkers, including massage therapists, physiotherapists
  • Complementary therapists of all kinds
  • Veterinarians and individuals who work with animals
  • Parents
  • Individuals with an interest in using EFT for self-care
  • Anyone interested in personal or professional development
  • You’d like to help people as a professionally certified EFT practitioner.
  • You’re already in a helping profession and are looking for additional tools to help your clients. (EFT integrates well with almost any helping modality, see below).
  • You’d like to use basic EFT competently in a non-professional capacity.
  • You need a refresher to get certified (with EFT International) if you’ve completed a training more than 12 months ago.

Certificate of Attendance

On completion of the EFT Levels 1 and 2 Training, you will receive an Internationally recognised EFT Level 1 & 2 Certificate of Attendance from EFT International.

Practitioner Certification

Attending this EFT Training does not automatically qualify you as a Practitioner. After completing the Levels 1 and 2 training course, there is a 6-9 month mentoring and assessment process required for certification, including significant practice and case studies.

🎓 Click here to see the requirements for achieving Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner status »

Why train with an EFT International Trainer?

  • EFT International (formerly AAMET International) has been in operation since 1999 and has the reputation and experience to provide the highest levels of service and support to our members.
  • EFT International has consistently provided reliable training standards. While each trainer has their own style, all teach a body of knowledge and practice grounded in foundational EFT skills. This reliability has fostered a level of trust over the years.
  • For those seeking EFT Certification, EFT International Trainers offer a clear path to certification including Mentoring for certification.
  • Once certification is complete, students attain the status of Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner – a credential that is recognised and respected worldwide.
  • EFT International has an extensive worldwide membership of Practitioners and Trainers.
  • As a legally registered not-for-profit association, all fees collected are used to serve our members.
  • EFT International is committed to the ongoing development of resources for EFT International Practitioners and Trainers.
  • All Practitioners and Trainers are included in a directory listing on the EFT International website.
  • EFT International honours the basic, foundational and advanced skills of Gold Standard EFT, as developed by Gary Craig.
  • EFT International is formally committed to aligning its accreditation requirements with “best practices” for training and certification, including NOS (National Occupational Standards).
EFT Training with Falguni Mather

EFTi Master Trainer Falguni Mather, facilitating a training in Hong Kong

Accredited Master Trainer EFT International

EFT International registered Trainers offer EFT trainings that meet EFT International standards. All trainers have agreed to follow strict requirements in an effort to assure consistent, quality training as well as supervision and mentoring in accordance with EFT International curricula and guidelines.

I would definitely recommend Falguni’s EFT 3 days training to anyone who would like to go deeper in EFT. The course was full of examples, of practises and theory. I felt empowered to use it further as soon as the course ended.

C.P. , Hong Kong

What I really enjoy is that Falguni shared her passion for EFT with us and she is really experienced on the subject. She has lot of concrete examples to give us. Furthermore, I love the group session as we practice a lot and get a lot of interaction from each other past experiences, history. I really enjoy it!

Laurence Muller, Hong Kong

Falguni is an excellent EFT trainer. She is knowledgeable, clear, patient and approachable. Falguni uses a mix of teaching styles; visual aids, videos, power point, note taking, practicing, and giving live demonstrations, allowing for immediate application. This was one of the most useful professional development courses I have taken.

K.R., Hong Kong

I truly enjoyed the EFT Level 1 & 2 training. Falguni has a host of experiences with EFT and she made learning about it fun and interesting. The training further deepened my understanding of the mind and body connections and the importance of looking at ourselves as a whole. Even though there was a lot of information to cover, Falguni set a good pace for us and the sessions flowed smoothly. I loved the in-class demonstration and how we experienced EFT right in the sessions and notice the shift in the way we feel about triggering situations. Thank you for an incredible experience. I look forward to strengthening my skills and share this amazing technique with others.

Charmaine So, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Hong Kong

Falguni is really a very Experienced EFT Trainer. I learned a lot from her real-time demonstrations. Thank you.

Tina Suiling Wong, Hong Kong

I took Falguni’s EFT online course and found it to be exceptional. Falguni was impressive in her attention to detail and organization, with engaging content, demonstrations, and real-life examples in each session. She was responsive to all our questions and concerns. Overall, the course provided me with a solid foundation in EFT, which I am confident will be beneficial in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of EFT.

Somya, Dubai

Falguni is very generous, professional, fun and very caring when she teaches EFT. I felt very safe at all time as I feel that she handles the rise of emotions within a group with lots of professionalism and tact. On the top of teaching all the necessary tools to understand EFT, Falguni also shares anecdotes and always explains why a technique works better than another. I had done an EFT training online before but I can easily say that following Falguni’s training allowed me to gain much more confidence and understanding of EFT as practice is also a big part of her training.

Sophie Martin, Hong Kong

Falguni is an excellent workshop leader. The 3 Day workshop was informative and of a high standard. Excellent source materials were provided. The group number of 8 made the workshop small and intimate. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with Falguni and the other group members. I plan to use EFT with my clients and recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest of self-care or working to improve the wellbeing of clients.

P McPolin, Hong Kong

Very valuable and informative three days. Falguni is an excellent facilitator! I had a supportive, engaging, and positive learning experience at this EFT level 1 and 2 training. She facilitates a fantastic workshop with specific hands-on skills, which will be valuable for my personal life. EFT is a great technique I can use every day, anywhere, for any problem and things will shift rapidly. Very empowering to know I can start to fix myself. Thank you, Falguni!

D.K., Hong Kong

Falguni’s passion for EFT is immediately evident and catching, but the whole experience is somewhat mind blowing. I am confident that every participant in the training had at least one ‘wow moment’. Falguni is the perfect champion for EFT. I hope to help spread the word and share the power of this way of managing stress, amongst other benefits.

Melissa, Hong Kong

I really enjoyed Falguni’s EFT course. It was a perfect blend of sharing research on the benefits of EFT, explanations of different techniques, real life stories of how these had been used with clients combined with practical demonstrations and plenty of practice time. Falguni’s teaching style is warm, engaging and full of tips and real life examples to illuminate the various techniques in EFT and bring it to life.

Hong Kong

I enjoyed Falguni’s training whereas she conduct it in a gentle and empathetic way. I will continue to use the technique shared during the training to address current and future issues and eventually it will led me to more opportunities in different aspects of my life.

YQ Ang, Singapore

Informative, clear and practical training that is deceptive in its ease and deep in its result.

Cameron Darcy, Hong Kong