NGOs receive a special concession on fees for professional training and support services.

Having worked with several NGOs since 2012, I have extensive experience with supporting staff in many areas, including dealing with burnout and vicarious trauma.

I offer:

  • Education and Workshops on Self-Care for staff.
  • Wellness programmes.
  • Emotional First-Aid programme.
  • Staff support via regular interactive group sessions (onsite or online via Zoom).
  • Individual 1-1 sessions for staff identified by the organisation to be in need of additional assistance.

Get in touch with me for more information.

Cherry Blossom in Sun - NGO support - discounts on EFT training and Counselling

February 2023. Certificate of appreciation from Christian Action for 10+ years of pro bono counselling services and an award for the number of volunteer hours at the Centre For Refugees.

I would describe the information/training session that Falguni ran for the staff at Christian Action (Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support) as powerful, and the organizational benefit was that the staff became closer and more attuned with each other. The staff profited personally from learning the techniques, which some of us started to use regularly.

Taraka Sticha, Christian Action Refugee Centre, Hong Kong

Falguni has been volunteering at the Centre For Refugees since 2012, an integral part of the centre’s 17-strong medical and emotional welfare team, offering weekly pro-bono counselling to our clients and writing assessments required by lawyers. Her support, dedication, passion, warmth and kindness are invaluable and a great example of how CFR is able to offer holistic care for all of its clients, many of whom are fleeing persecution and great emotional suffering. Thank you so much, Falguni.

Centre For Refugees, Hong Kong

Falguni is an excellent EFT trainer. She is knowledgeable, clear, patient and approachable. Falguni uses a mix of teaching styles; visual aids, videos, power point, note taking, practicing, and giving live demonstrations, allowing for immediate application. This was one of the most useful professional development courses I have taken.

K.R., Hong Kong