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Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner Certification Training with EFT International

This Level 3 Training focuses on the art of delivery of EFT.

We revise EFT Levels 1&2 and build on your Level 2 practice with more nuanced and sophisticated techniques. These include parts work, inner child, languaging, metaphor, intuition, a module on META-Health, focus on trauma and trauma-informed approaches.

We explore intake forms and case conceptualisation as roadmaps to work with your clients.

Develop skills in overcoming common blocks and impasses and understanding resistance, what it is and isn’t and how to work with it.

All of this and more in L3 to take your EFT Practice to the next level.


Participants are Certified EFT Practitioners who have completed the Level 2 Training Course a minimum of 12 months prior to attending Level 3. Ideally, participants have experience of working regularly with clients in the capacity of EFT Practitioner after Level 2 certification.

If you don’t meet these prerequisites and are interested in the EFT Level 3 Training, get in touch with me.

EFT Advanced Training

Attendance and Certification

Certificate of Attendance
On completion of the EFT Level 3 Training, you will receive an Internationally recognised EFT Level 3 Certificate of Attendance from EFT International.

Advanced Practitioner Certification
Attending this EFT Training does not automatically qualify you as an Advanced EFT Practitioner. After completing the Level 3 course, there is a 6-9 month mentoring and assessment process required for certification, including significant practice and case studies.

Training Standards

EFT International has created minimum standards for EFT training programs in order for the program to be recognised as an EFT International certified training. This training ensures that the required criteria are met.

Why train with an EFT International Trainer?

  • EFT International (formerly AAMET International) has been in operation since 1999 and has the reputation and experience to provide the highest levels of service and support to our members.
  • EFT International has consistently provided reliable training standards. While each trainer has their own style, all teach a body of knowledge and practice grounded in foundational EFT skills. This reliability has fostered a level of trust over the years.
  • For those seeking EFT Certification, EFT International Trainers offer a clear path to certification including Mentoring for certification.
  • Once certification is complete, students attain the status of Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner – a credential that is recognised and respected worldwide.
  • EFT International has an extensive worldwide membership of Practitioners and Trainers.
  • As a legally registered not-for-profit association, all fees collected are used to serve our members.
  • EFT International is committed to the ongoing development of resources for EFT International Practitioners and Trainers.
  • All Practitioners and Trainers are included in a directory listing on the EFT International website.
  • EFT International honours the basic, foundational and advanced skills of Gold Standard EFT, as developed by Gary Craig.
  • EFT International is formally committed to aligning its accreditation requirements with “best practices” for training and certification, including NOS (National Occupational Standards).
EFT Training in Hong Kong with Falguni Mather

EFTi Master Trainer, Falguni Mather, facilitating a training in Hong Kong

Accredited Master Trainer EFT International

EFT International registered Trainers offer EFT trainings that meet EFT International standards. All trainers have agreed to follow strict requirements in an effort to assure consistent, quality training as well as supervision and mentoring in accordance with EFT International curricula and guidelines.