If you’re an EFT Practitioner looking to successfully organise and lead EFT Groups, then you can benefit from this four-week course.

This course starts in:

With EFT, there are many different types of groups you could organise; borrowing benefits, general tapping, an introduction to EFT.. open groups and closed groups, online or in-person, one-time groups or weekly groups… and that’s just a start.

You may not know where to begin. Especially if you feel daunted or overwhelmed at the thought of facilitating a group and are additionally unsure about charging and pricing. Or you may already be running groups and are looking for more structure and guidance.

This course is experiential and includes tapping on any limitations and blocks you experience. This comprehensive course seeks to bring clarity for you, an EFT Practitioner who is eager to lead EFT groups skillfully and with confidence.

Groups are a powerful space for change. Leading EFT Groups is an excellent way to increase your visibility within your community, reach a wider audience, foster connections, and bring about meaningful transformation. I want to help you help others and achieve success as an EFT Practitioner, because I believe you can.

leading an EFT group

What to expect:

Duration: 10 hours (2.5 hours each week for four weeks).
Venue: Online (Zoom).

Week 1: Clarifying Intention. Boundaries and Goals.
Week 2: Types of Groups. Structure, Creating a Safe Space.
Week 3: Practical Matters. Clearing Blocks. Confidence now!
Week 4: Understand and Plan your EFT group. Make it happen.

This is an interactive course; you will share in breakout rooms with other participants, and we will tap as a group. You will receive handouts. There will be time for Q & A. And more.

Whether you already run groups or not, you’re welcome to join – you will have more clarity and confidence to skilfully lead an EFT group after this workshop!

This course counts towards your CPD hours for EFT International.

I enjoyed the course and I had fun during it. Falguni is amazing not just at leading EFT groups but also at teaching how to skilfully facilitate them. Now I have more confidence on how to design a group practice. Getting the structure of it was very helpful. Through Falguni’s amazing teaching skills and calm voice makes this course suitable for any level of EFT practice.


This course was full of very useful information and it helped me develop my ideas for running groups by giving me a great structure to follow and really good foundation to move forward with confidence. I feel really equipped to launch my plans. I was also able to work on some of the fears that I had and really left the course feeling very confident.

Angy Tsafos

I’m very glad I took this course. Falguni is as always an amazing mentor, and I am grateful that she shares her knowledge with us. The content of this course was great as this is a great mix between theory and practice. Thanks to this course, I now have the confidence to practice EFT as a group.

Emilie Ducommun

This course turns you from worried to excited and confident! I truly recommend it.

Sophie Martin

More confidence on how to design a group practice and more motivation to do it. Getting the structure was very helpful.

A balanced , detailed and complete course in how to set up a group on my own.

The knowledge transferred to us showed experience and confidence. I enjoyed the professional, warm and welcoming atmosphere you created for us.