Mentoring requirements are in place by EFT International (EFTi) to help Practitioners and Trainers maintain and increase their competence and skill as EFT professionals. Discussion of EFT practice with an experienced EFTi Mentor, which involves constructive engagement and reflection, helps to enhance personal and professional development.

Mentoring for Certification

Individual Mentoring for Certified EFT Practitioners

Regular mentoring is essential to the safe, professional, skilful, and ethical practice of EFT.

According to guidelines set out by EFT International, all EFTi Accredited and Certified members who are seeing clients are required to have a minimum of six hours of mentoring annually, with an EFTi Approved Mentor qualified to an equivalent or higher level.

My role as Mentor is primarily to be a resource for you, offering guidance and support. We discuss challenges (such as feeling stuck with a client), techniques and strategies, ethical issues, successes, solutions, all to assist your growth as a Practitioner.

Your role as Mentee includes a willingness to engage and reflect on your part in the EFT process and the Practitioner/client relationship.

Please note: It is your responsibility as an EFT practitioner with EFTi to log your hours and keep a record of your annual mentoring to submit to EFT International.

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Succulents growing from individual mentoring for EFT

Group Mentoring for Certified EFT Practitioners

Groups are small with a maximum of 6 participants and are offered every other month.

Group Mentoring is different to individual in the scope and perspectives it provides, and can be an important part of your mentoring process.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like to review/discuss, let me know in advance.

You have the opportunity to:

  • Bring up specific challenges, questions, blocks you’ve come across in your EFT practice sessions to brainstorm with the group.
  • Gain insight into different perspectives to assist you in your own growth and development as a practitioner.
  • Explore different EFT topics.
  • Share and celebrate your EFT successes with your fellow practitioners.

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Stack of books and laptop for EFT Mentoring for Certification

Mentoring for Students in Certification

Mentoring for Certification (MFC) is offered as part of the EFT Practitioner Certification programme if you have trained with me.

Mentoring is an essential part of the process of becoming Accredited and Certified with EFT International. Completion of EFT Level 1 & 2 Training is a prerequisite for the Certification process. I offer EFT Training throughout the year, please check the Training page for next dates.

Mentoring for certification is conducted in the context of a teaching relationship. As part of the process, I help you identify and fill in any gaps in your EFT knowledge and skills, develop your professional competence, and integrate foundational skills. See complete details of the MFC process with me here.

If you are seeking mentoring to get certified with EFT International and have trained with another Trainer, completed a different EFT program or are coming from a different association, please get in touch with me to discuss how we can work together to help you achieve this.

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What People Are Saying

I truly enjoyed the EFT Level 1 & 2 training. Falguni has a host of experiences with EFT and she made learning about it fun and interesting. The training further deepened my understanding of the mind and body connections and the importance of looking at ourselves as a whole. Even though there was a lot of information to cover, Falguni set a good pace for us and the sessions flowed smoothly. I loved the in-class demonstration and how we experienced EFT right in the sessions and notice the shift in the way we feel about triggering situations. Thank you for an incredible experience. I look forward to strengthening my skills and share this amazing technique with others.

Charmaine So, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Hong Kong

Falguni is an excellent workshop leader. The 3 Day workshop was informative and of a high standard. Excellent source materials were provided. The group number of 8 made the workshop small and intimate. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with Falguni and the other group members. I plan to use EFT with my clients and recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest of self-care or working to improve the wellbeing of clients.

P McPolin, Hong Kong

Very valuable and informative three days. Falguni is an excellent facilitator! I had a supportive, engaging, and positive learning experience at this EFT level 1 and 2 training. She facilitates a fantastic workshop with specific hands-on skills, which will be valuable for my personal life. EFT is a great technique I can use every day, anywhere, for any problem and things will shift rapidly. Very empowering to know I can start to fix myself. Thank you, Falguni!

D.K., Hong Kong

Falguni is really a very Experienced EFT Trainer. I learned a lot from her real-time demonstrations. Thank you.

Tina Suiling Wong, Hong Kong

What I really enjoy is that Falguni shared her passion for EFT with us and she is really experienced on the subject. She has lot of concrete examples to give us. Furthermore, I love the group session as we practice a lot and get a lot of interaction from each other past experiences, history. I really enjoy it!

Laurence Muller, Hong Kong

Informative, clear and practical training that is deceptive in its ease and deep in its result.

Cameron Darcy, Hong Kong

Falguni’s passion for EFT is immediately evident and catching, but the whole experience is somewhat mind blowing. I am confident that every participant in the training had at least one ‘wow moment’. Falguni is the perfect champion for EFT. I hope to help spread the word and share the power of this way of managing stress, amongst other benefits.

Melissa, Hong Kong

I would definitely recommend Falguni’s EFT 3 days training to anyone who would like to go deeper in EFT. The course was full of examples, of practises and theory. I felt empowered to use it further as soon as the course ended.

C.P. , Hong Kong

Falguni is an excellent EFT trainer. She is knowledgeable, clear, patient and approachable. Falguni uses a mix of teaching styles; visual aids, videos, power point, note taking, practicing, and giving live demonstrations, allowing for immediate application. This was one of the most useful professional development courses I have taken.

K.R., Hong Kong

Falguni is very generous, professional, fun and very caring when she teaches EFT. I felt very safe at all time as I feel that she handles the rise of emotions within a group with lots of professionalism and tact. On the top of teaching all the necessary tools to understand EFT, Falguni also shares anecdotes and always explains why a technique works better than another. I had done an EFT training online before but I can easily say that following Falguni’s training allowed me to gain much more confidence and understanding of EFT as practice is also a big part of her training.

Sophie Martin, Hong Kong
Falguni Mather, Counselling, Psychotherapy, EFT Trainer and Practitioner
Accredited Master Trainer EFT International