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Why work with an EFT International Trainer?

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  • EFT International has consistently provided reliable training standards. While each trainer has their own style, all teach a body of knowledge and practice grounded in foundational EFT skills. This reliability has fostered a level of trust over the years.
  • For those seeking EFT Certification, EFT International Trainers offer a clear path to certification including Mentoring for certification.
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  • EFT International is committed to the ongoing development of resources for EFT International Practitioners and Trainers.
  • EFT International honours the basic, foundational and advanced skills of Gold Standard EFT, as developed by Gary Craig.
  • EFT International is formally committed to aligning its accreditation requirements with “best practices” for training and certification, including NOS (National Occupational Standards).
EFT Training in Hong Kong with Falguni Mather

EFTi Master Trainer, Falguni Mather, facilitating a training in Hong Kong

Accredited Master Trainer EFT International

Falguni is an excellent workshop leader. The 3 Day workshop was informative and of a high standard. Excellent source materials were provided. The group number of 8 made the workshop small and intimate. I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with Falguni and the other group members. I plan to use EFT with my clients and recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest of self-care or working to improve the wellbeing of clients.

P McPolin

Absolutely love Falguni’s tapping group. I have learned so much. Thank you.

Participant, EFT tapping group

I would definitely recommend Falguni’s EFT 3 days training to anyone who would like to go deeper in EFT. The course was full of examples, of practises and theory. I felt empowered to use it further as soon as the course ended.


Absolutely love the healing power of group EFT. Borrowing benefits is so apparent during these sessions. Thank you for facilitating such a powerful session.

Participant, EFT tapping group

I like EFT a lot, it is a tool to create a space for me to look deep into myself, to my emotions and issue. And Falguni is a great help, thanks for her loving and positive energy, and trust that allows the highest good to happen to me.

Heidi P.

The knowledge transferred to us showed experience and confidence. I enjoyed the professional, warm and welcoming atmosphere you created for us.

Kisha Bo

I’m very glad I took this course. Falguni is as always an amazing mentor, and I am grateful that she shares her knowledge with us.

Emilie D